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Anthropology of Europe:

what is it and how should it be practiced


(15- 16 października 2009)


strona konferencji:


Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University is proudly celebrating its 90th anniversary of its establishment. As a part of this commemorations we announce a conference at which we would like to address several issues falling with the domain of what is broadly understood as the anthropology of Europe.


Thematic sections:


1. ‘Anthropology of Europe’ in general and comparative perspective: contemporary research challenges

Multiplicity of research approaches in the unity of the discipline: ‘local’, ‘regional’ and ‘national’ anthropologies in Europe and how they can be integrated in world anthropologies?


2. Similarities and differences in doing anthropology ‘at home’ and ‘abroad’

What and how problems are raised? What are techniques of research used, theoretical paradigms applied and text genres used? Are conclusions drawn from various ethnographies compatible? What was/is your reading of local/foreign scholarship? To what extent you have used it and cited it in your own publications?


3. Hierarchies of knowledge

What are the relations between local and external anthropological/ethnological traditions in practicing anthropology in Europe? What are the local implications of global interdependencies in the domain of anthropological knowledge? What kind of correlations can be seen between European ethnology/anthropology of Europe and ‘universal’ anthropology?


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