Forum Humanistyczne


Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at A. Mickiewicz University, Poznań


extends an invitation for international conference on anthropology of the senses


Transgressing visuality. Sensorial cultural practices.

Poznań, Poland

April 26-27, 2012


We search academic papers examining and interrogating the various critical and cultural contexts of the senses within anthropology/ethnography and the humanities. The main themes of the conference will focus mostly, but not exclusively, on:

- Devisualisation of the cultural/social anthropology as the alternative to traditional form of scientific knowledge production

- Sensualizing ethnography: theory and research methods

- Anthropology of the senses as theory of the extravisual and extratextual representation production

- Fieldwork as sensory experience

- Devisualisation as cultural trends: „new multimediality”

- Cultural hierarchies of the senses: ruling, posessing senses, creation of hierarchies of the senses

- Cultural practices of sensualizing social reality: managing of the perception

- Processes and forms of extravisual objects creation


Conference’s languages: English (20 minutes presentations should be extravisual)

Accommodation: free for all participants (April 26/27, 2011)

Conference’s fee: free

Deadline for the submission of proposals (abstracts – no longer than 250 words): January 15, 2012


We would like to publish post-conference’s volume (further details linked with edition of your text we will send later)


Mailing address:

Organizers: prof. UAM dr hab. Waldemar Kuligowski, dr Agata Stanisz


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